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The 16 Best Radio Messages From F1 2016 So Far

It’s been a pretty good F1 season so far, from a racing point of view. Off track though, there have been a few rule problems, especially relating to team radio restrictions.

But despite the short-lived clamp down, we’ve been treated to some brilliant radio messages from the current crop of drivers – at times, it’s comedy gold (and the censor button gets used by FOM a lot).

Here are the best team radio quotes we’ve heard so far this year:

Romain Grosjean – Australian Grand Prix

“Welcome to Formula 1, Gene. This is the day. This is history”

This was a pretty cool and emotional one from Romain Grosjean after finishing sixth on Haas F1’s debut in Australia.

Lewis Hamilton – Bahrain Grand Prix

“That was a sexy lap”

Hamilton was clearly delighted with his Bahrain GP pole lap, so much so he described it as “sexy”.

Fernando Alonso – Chinese Grand Prix

“Arrgggh! Arrgggh! Arrgggh!”

It’s fair to say Nando wasn’t happy to miss out on Q3.

Sebastian Vettel – Russian Grand Prix

“Oh I’m out! Crash! Somebody hit me in the f*****g rear, T2, Somebody hit me in the f*****g rear again T3.”

What’s with Vettel and hilariously emotive radio messages? He’s certainly pretty chatty and has also had a lively season so far.

Jenson Button – Spanish Grand Prix

“Ha, ha. I just got overtaken by Haryanto. Get the car out of the way. It’s going to cost us time, I know he thinks he’s quick, but he’s not.”

It’s fair to say Jenson Button was not happy after this!

Sebastian Vettel – Spanish Grand Prix

“F**k, if I don’t avoid that. He’s just going straight to my car. Honestly, what are we doing? Racing or ping-pong?”

The now infamous ping-pong radio message by Vettel. Amazing he thought that up while pushing to the limit.


Kevin Magnussen – Monaco Grand Prix

“What the f**k did Kvyat do?”

Short, sweet and simple. And a completely justified reaction after Kvyat’s banzai move.

Kimi Raikkonen – Canadian Grand Prix

“What the f**k is this Manor doing?”

This has pretty much become the most common phrase in team radio history, of course changing the team name for the situation.

Kimi Raikkonen – European Grand Prix

“Hey where the f**k are the blue flags! I’ve been following him the whole f*****g lap now!”

Again, Kimi isn’t impressed with being blocked. But then again, who would be?


Max Verstappen – Hungarian Grand Prix

“I’m driving like a grandma.”

Verstappen isn’t happy to be stuck behind his team-mate Ricciardo during the Hungarian GP.

Jenson Button – Hungarian Grand Prix

“Oh fantastic, race from hell this is going to be!”

After numerous issues and problems in the early laps, Button isn’t happy to hear McLaren want him to stay out on track. This was his response!

Daniel Ricciardo – German Grand Prix

“Esteban’s my favourite. I love this guy.”

Is that some sarcasm we detect in this Danny Ric radio message, after being blocked by Esteban Gutierrez at the Hockenheimring.

Kimi Raikkonen – Belgian Grand Prix

“Hey! Come on, this is f*****g ridiculous! This is worse now, he is just f*****g turning when I am going full speed on the right.”

The Iceman was not impressed with Verstappen’s defensive driving at Spa.


Max Verstappen – Singapore Grand Prix

“Woah! There’s a giant lizard on the track…. Yeah, I’m not joking! Out of Turn 3.”

Yeah, he wasn’t joking either. And then Red Bull’s pitwall backed that up with “face to face with Godzilla there, mate.”

Renault – Malaysian Grand Prix

“Kev, jump out, jump out! Get Kev out, get Kev out…”

One of the scariest messages to hear of the season after Magnussen’s car set fire during practice at Sepang.

Lewis Hamilton – Malaysian Grand Prix

“Oh nooooo! No!”

The pain and anger was completely clear in Hamilton’s voice as he exited the Malaysian GP with fire and smoke coming from the back of his Mercedes.

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