2022 Miami GP Race Review | WTF1 Podcast – WTF1

2022 Miami GP Race Review | WTF1 Podcast

2 thoughts on “2022 Miami GP Race Review | WTF1 Podcast

  • Philip Grice says:

    FYI, as soon as the commentator starts to speak(?) I hit the stop button and change channels. I don’t enjoy commentators that react like a five year old girl that has just been given a new barbie doll. Fake squealing ‘excitement’ is a huge turn off. After trying this channel a couple of times I’m done.

  • In response to Matt’s suggestion on the post race pod cast:
    If you’re not constantly flipping through the alternative channels on F1TV, its only slightly less stupid direction.
    Still getting the same slow panning shot to a distant rain cloud, while having to watch racing action as an in-set re-play.

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