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Alonso Has Apparently Been Offered A Seat At Williams For 2018

The question of what Fernando Alonso will be doing in 2018 is one of the pivotal aspects of silly season as he’s been linked with pretty much half the teams on the grid.

But with the top teams seemingly happy with the drivers they currently have, it looks like Fernando’s wish to be in a title-winning car next year is going to go unfulfilled.

He does have some options – Renault would love to have him, but admitted it’ll be a while before the car can challenge at the front of the grid, whilst McLaren has said it’s doing everything it can to keep him. Fernando himself recently said he might even quit F1 to go and race somewhere else if he can’t find a top drive.

Now another spanner has been thrown in the works as according to paddock rumours at Spa this weekend, Williams has offered him a seat for next year.

Ahh yes, rumours, those most reliable of sources. Remember the one that said Carlos Sainz Jr would replace Jolyon Palmer at Renault in Hungary? That worked out, didn’t it?!

There is a degree of credibility in this though. Lance Stroll’s father is apparently incredibly keen for Williams to sign Alonso to help with both the development of the car and Lance, and obviously the team would love to have someone as committed as Fernando in one of its cars.

Felipe Massa has said he wants to stay on next year and Williams seem happy with his performances this season, but with Fernando Alonso looking for a seat, then of course the team are going to make a play for him, right?

Whilst Williams wanting Alonso may make sense, it’s harder to imagine Alonso wanting to go to Williams. The team has been slipping down the field in recent seasons and even if it managed to build a decent car next year, you’d think that in a best case scenario Alonso may be able to sneak the odd podium or two. Is that really going to entice him?

Williams would be a gamble for Fernando, and if he’s going to gamble, then surely sticking with the McLaren-Honda package would be his best bet. He’s put three seasons into the project and to ditch it for anything other than one of the front-running teams would be a sideways step at best.

What do you think? Is there any strength to the rumour and would you like to see Alonso at Williams? Let us know in the comments!

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