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Alonso Says All The Drivers Are Against Magnussen’s Racecraft

When Fernando came up to pass K-Mag at turn one in the Malaysian GP, the Haas driver weaved about a bit and then tried to force Alonso off on the way into turn two.

Fernando wasn’t having any of it and barged he way past, but he wasn’t happy about it over team radio, referencing Nico Hulkenberg’s spat with the Dane in Hungary.

After the race he continued to call Magnussen’s driving into question with a damning statement suggesting he’s not the only one who’s fed up with it. He said:

“For his driving, we more or less agree with the other drivers, it’s 19-1.”

We’re guess the ‘1’ is Magnussen himself, because if it wasn’t, that would just be weird…

Alonso also drew attention in the race when Sebastien Vettel came up to lap him. The Ferrari driver felt that Fernando could have been a bit more helpful, saying on team radio “Come on, Alonso, I thought you were better than that”.

Fernando isn’t bothered by the comment though, suggesting it was just Vettel being Vettel.

“I didn’t see on television. For me in the car it looks okay, but we’ve heard many times, ‘blue flags, blue flags’, from him, so it’s probably one of those.”

Between this and Franz Tost’s thoughts towards Romain Grosjean, there have been a fair few snide comments flying about this weekend in Malaysia. Not that we’re complaining of course, because it’s all pretty damn funny!

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