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Alpine’s Instagram Live Was Full Of Absolute Chaos And We Loved It

With the Emilia Romagna GP cancelled due to devastating flooding in the area, Alpine kept their drivers busy with an Instagram Live for their fans. And boy, was it full of absolute chaos. We can’t say we expected anything less from Pierre Gasly and Esteban Ocon πŸ˜‚Β 

Poor Jack Doohan, who was playing host for the live, didn’t stand a chance.

It started smoothly, the drivers sending their best wishes to everyone in Emilia Romagna who has been affected by the flooding and thanking fans for their support. Pierre shared a heartwarming story of a fan who had made their way to Imola from Uruguay, whom he would meet later that day.

But then the chaos started.

Only a few questions in, Esteban started playing around with all of the filters available on Instagram. Pierre is trying to answer the question, Jack is trying to keep a straight face – his hosting abilities are clearly being wasted.

Then it’s Esteban’s time to answer some questions, and Pierre finds the filters – and cracks up laughing. For a few minutes, both F1 drivers are playing around with the filters, with Ocon asking, “Where did you find that filter?!”

Doohan is doing his best to bring everything back down to normality, and he succeeds… for a little while.

We got into what they called the more “tacky” questions, which included “If you could have any superpower, which would you choose?” Pierre instantly says teleportation, to which they all agree, and Jack adds that it would be great to get to meetings and debriefs. Pierre responds: “You are too professional, I wasn’t thinking work. You can go wherever the f**k you want, mate!”

But perhaps the most unhinged part of this entire live was when Jack asked the simple question: “Cats or dogs?”

Pierre smirks and says, “Doggy.” 🐢

They all laugh, and Jack responds, “Sorry?!” and goes rather red-faced, quickly moving on from the subject. But Esteban cannot believe what he’s just heard and says, laughing: “I can’t believe you’ve said that on here in front of 8000 people, there are kids!”

If you missed the live, you can rewatch it on Alpine’s Instagram page, and it’s certainly worth the watch.

We think that’s the last time those three will be left to their own devices! πŸ˜‚



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