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Assetto Corsa VS Project CARS Comparison Video

It’s fair to say that Assetto Corsa and Project CARS are the two most talked about racing sims at the moment. Yes, we know there are others, but it’s the latest releases of the Kunos Simulazioni and Slightly Mad Studios titles that made their way to comparison videos. Racing game fan ADRIANF1esp saddles up in the McLaren MP4-12C GT3 that Sébastien Loeb drove in the 2013 Blancpain GT Series and takes it for a spin around two laps of the Nurburgring GP circuit.

There are similarities and differences between the two. The engine has a throatier, more guttural sound in Assetto Corsa, the turbo sounding slightly higher pitched and more refined in Project CARS. Graphically they look very close. Project CARS appears busier, with more track-side objects giving the real feel of a race weekend atmosphere whereas Assetto Corsa is probably closer to what a weekend of sportscar racing actually looks and feels like. And even though the sun appears to be in the same place in both videos, longer shadows are cast in Project CARS.

The most important thing though is how the cars drive, and that can’t be deduced from a video. You’ll have to get hold of them yourselves. Assetto Corsa is available on Steam and will no doubt be on sale at some point over the Christmas period. If you’re not already involved in the ongoing beta testing of Project Cars, you’ll have to wait until March.



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