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Bernie Says “Formula One Is Crap”

‘Bernie says Think Before You Drive’ is the rather cringe-worthy slogan you’ll see dotted around Formula One tracks at the moment, but what F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone is actually saying right now is “Formula One is crap.”

The 2015 F1 season was (according to the majority of fans anyway) predictable and boring, so when you mix that in with all the current political bollocks as well, Formula One seems to be in pretty bad shape right now.

Speaking to German’s Motorsport magazine, Bernie wasn’t at all happy with the ridiculous grid-drop penalties that have made for farcical grids in 2015 and no doubt confused the hell out of the viewers too.

“Formula One is crap. Right now, we need to look at these things,” said Ecclestone. “They watch the race, know that someone has qualified second or third but is now suddenly starting from the middle of the grid. And why? Because they’ve changed their engine. Or their gearbox. We can solve this problem, but we can’t wait several years.”

Strong words indeed. Us F1 fans just ask one thing Bernie…

fix it

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