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Charles Leclerc Did The Most Charles Leclerc Thing We Could Ever Imagine

It’s no secret that Charles Leclerc loves Ferrari. Ever since he was a young boy, it was his dream to drive for the team. And despite some frustrating times, he’s remained very loyal. So loyal, in fact, that he’s celebrating his 100th race with them this weekend at the United States GP!

Well, we say “celebrate”, but that word is doing a lot of heavy lifting!

Leclerc joined Ferrari back in 2019 after impressing the whole paddock, and more importantly the right people, he made the step up from Sauber to partner Sebastian Vettel at the Scuderia.

After almost four full seasons with Ferrari, you’d think 100 races would be something he’d want to commemorate, maybe with a special helmet, right?

And Charles did bring a special helmet for the United States GP… it just wasn’t themed around his 100th race. Why? Well, he forgot! 🤭

Writing on his social media platforms, Leclerc confessed: “I forgot this was my 100th GP with Ferrari, so this special helmet design doesn’t make sense but it’s beautiful. Look at that greeeeeeen.”

The most Charles Leclerc thing ever 😂

Leclerc isn’t the only F1 driver celebrating a milestone this weekend. Lando Norris will make his 100th appearance in F1 and with McLaren, while George Russell celebrates his 100th start in F1, too.

Lando has marked the occasion with a special one-off helmet, decorated with 100 stickers dedicated to every race he’s taken part in. There’s even a space hopper to represent the 2022 British GP. If you know, you know 👀

Maybe Charles will do something for his 150th race with Ferrari, instead!

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