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Charles Leclerc Is Now A Lifestyle YouTuber

It looks like Charles Leclerc has gone full Nico Rosberg on us – no, not fighting Lewis Hamilton in equal machinery but instead taking up vlogging on Youtube! The Ferrari star uploaded a video yesterday titled “24 Hours in Monaco”, and wow, does Charles manage to pack a lot into a day!!

It starts with a 7am Tennis Paddle game with his brothers and trainer – whose name is actually Andrea Ferrari… seriously, how cool is that? You couldn’t make it up!

After a morning packed full of workouts, he takes us on a trip to the supermarket, followed by seeing some of his F1 cars in a very special storage place, and ends the vlog with a wholesome boat trip for some reflection and life lessons.

It’s a seriously cool bit of content, even if it did make us feel like we’re definitely not living our life to the fullest 😂

More videos like this please, Charles! 

3 thoughts on “Charles Leclerc Is Now A Lifestyle YouTuber

  • I love Charles, but I hate rich people “see how cool my life is” kind of videos. In fact, I subscribed to Nico Rosberg’s channel for the cars he used to show, but unsubscribed after his vlog on the yacht he was about to buy, like what do I care.

    But good luck, Charles, you do you!

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