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Fan Video Compares Hamilton And Verstappen’s Corner Cutting Antics

This F1 fan watching the Mexican Grand Prix from the first chicane grandstand has posted a video showing off their view of the rather controversial corner-cutting incidents from last weekend’s race.

Lewis Hamilton escaped without a penalty after cutting the first chicane on lap one of the race, having monumentally locked-up under braking.

Max Verstappen picked up a five-second time penalty for going across the run-off while battling with an enraged Sebastian Vettel for third with a few laps remaining.

The fan video gives us an awesome look at how the trips across the run-off area compare, as well as presenting a better view of Nico Rosberg’s cheeky corner cut on the first lap too after tangling with Verstappen.

Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo eventually took third place after the penalties for Verstappen and (later on) Vettel. Here’s what he had to say over team radio about the two corner cuts:

“Yeah. But what about all these guys outbreaking at the first chicane? I mean Lewis at the start, that’s just… Put a f****** wall there and they won’t do it. Those f****** guys. F****** kindergarten stuff.”

Shots fired!

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