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Damon Hill’s First F1 Car Is Up For Sale

The car that Damon Hill began his F1 career in, the Brabham BT60B, has come up for sale. Ok, so it’s not the greatest F1 car ever but everyone has to start somewhere, right?

Brabham were really struggling in the early 1990s – the cars were uncompetitive and there was hardly any money. As a result the BT60B used in 1992 was basically the same car as the one used the year before, except it now it had Judd engines instead of Yamaha ones.


Brabham started the season with Eric van de Poele and Giovanna Amati. Van de Poele managed to get the car on the grid for the first race of the year at Kyalami but DNQ’d thereafter and ran off to join the Fondmetal team after the German Grand Prix.

Amati meanwhile was hopelessly out of her depth and was replaced after three rounds by Damon Hill. After a few failures to qualify Hill managed to get the car on the grid for both the British GP, where he finished 16th, and the Hungarian Grand Prix, where he finished four laps down in 11th. After that race the team folded and Brabham were not to be seen again.


There’s no indication of price, but this particular car is the very one that was raced by both Martin Brundle in 1991 and Damon Hill, and because it’s the very last Brabham Formula 1 car it has quite a bit of historical significance to it.

Worth a buy? Definitely. Just make sure you don’t fall out of it – check out how low the sides of the cockpit are!

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