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The FIA Are Planning Big Changes To F1 And Fast!

F1 has been under fire recently for unexciting and predictable races, with Formula One fans even using phrases like ‘Boring’ and ‘Expensive’ to describe the sport on a recent fan survey.

Now the FIA are taking action after a Strategy Group meeting, with a whole host of changes planned, some as early as this season.

At this year’s Belgian Grand Prix the FIA are set to clamp down on driver aids with “increased restrictions on driver aids and coaching” proposed, hoping to “bring back the driver in full control of the car, enhancing races’ excitement and unpredictability,” said a statement from the FIA.

That’s not all though, in 2016 an entirely new weekend format could change F1 as we know it. An “exciting and innovative” new format is being discussed according to the FIA with Jean Todt even mentioning a sprint race on the Saturday.

The Strategy Group have also looked into changes for power unit penalties after the slightly fascicle situation in Austria where no had a damn clue where anyone was starting thanks to numerous engine changes and penalties.

Oh and don’t worry, they’re also looking at changing the exhausts to improve the engine sound!

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