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F1 2020 Will Let You Create Your Own Team In Career Mode

The addition of the Formula 2 mode and the ability for AI drivers to change teams really helped add some depth to the single-player experience on F1 2019, and it seems F1 2020 will take that theory even further.

Launching on 10 July, F1 2020 will include a feature Codemasters calls ‘My Team’. In other words, in addition to the 10 real-life teams, you’ll be able to create, manage, and race for an additional 11th team. Oh hell yeah.

The deluxe edition will see the return of classic content, this time with a Michael Schumacher theme. Four of his cars will be included – the Jordan 191 he debuted with in 1991, his two title-winning Benettons from 1994 and 1995, and the Ferrari F1-2000 he used to win his first title for the Scuderia.

Other features include the return of split-screen mode so you can actually race against friends and family at home, as well a more customisable career mode. There’ll also be the option to do a 10 or 16-race season if the prospect of 22 weekends is a bit daunting. And yes, the in-game season will run as it was originally planned to before the spate of cancellations and postponements.

The game launches on 10 July – which at the moment, looks like it’ll roughly coincide with the start of the actual season. And if things get much worse then well, this game could be the only way any of us get to see how the 2020 cars stack up against each other…

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