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If Formula One Cars Had Car Keys

Formula One cars aren’t like your usual cars but if they were, ever wondered what driver’s car keys might look like? Probably not, but Car Keys have created a few F1 keys for the likes of Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button, Daniel Ricciardo and our old favourite, Pastor Maldonado.


The F1 car key used by McLaren’s Jenson Button would likely have a minimalist but undoubtedly premium design, fitting in nicely with the design used for McLaren’s road car keys.


The Mercedes AMG driver and reigning F1 champion Lewis Hamilton is clearly fond of bling, as evidenced by his diamond earrings and flashy (and ludicrously expensive) car collection.


Red Bull Racing has been responsible for some of F1’s flashiest and funniest car liveries and helmet designs in the past. So for the team’s current driver Daniel Ricciardo, his F1 car key would likely be finished in the distinctive blue, yellow and red colours which the Red Bull team race in.


The four-time F1 champion Sebastian Vettel drives for Ferrari nowadays, so his F1 car key could be shaped similar to the key that comes with recent Ferrari road cars, including the 458 and F12 Berlinetta.


If Maldonado did have a car key for his last F1 race car, a Lotus, we imagine it would lack in decoration and instead be covered in a metal protective case, to protect it from the next inevitable bump. Even with that precaution included, the blade of the key would probably somehow end up slightly bent out of shape.

Still not enough bling on Hamilton’s.

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