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F1 Fans Are Divided Over Lewis Hamilton’s Italian GP Penalty

We’ve got to hand it to Monza, the Italian GP was actually quite entertaining. It wasn’t short of racing action, and with that comes someone who takes battling a bit too far. Lewis Hamilton was hit with a five-second penalty during the race for causing a collision with Oscar Piastri. 

Hamilton was trying to make his way through the field after a disappointing qualifying on Saturday when he moved alongside Piastri just after Curva Grande. The pair locked wheels, sending both drivers into the escape road at the Variante della Roggia Chicane.

The impact caused damage to Oscar’s McLaren, and he was forced to pit for a new front wing – ultimately ruining his race.

The stewards noted the collision and punished Hamilton with a five-second time penalty for when he crossed the finish line. However, Lewis came alive in the final laps of the race and managed to get by Lando Norris and Alex Albon for P6, leaving a seven-second gap between him and Alex.

Therefore, he kept his place despite the penalty.

Whilst Hamilton admitted to Sky Sports F1, “It was totally my fault, and I went and apologised to him”, it seems to have opened up a debate on whether the penalty was justified and whether it was enough, considering he had ruined Oscar’s race.

Or, is there a counter-argument where the penalty was justified and fairly given, it’s just that Lewis went into full Crocs speed mode when he knew he was handed a penalty? 😅

Which side of this fence do you sit on? Let us know in the comments! 


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