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F1 Fans Are Split On Whether Ricciardo Has Made A Good Decision

Daniel Ricciardo joining Renault really came out of nowhere as everything that happened on the driver market in the past few weeks suggested he was all set to stay with Red Bull.

It’s a bold move for the Aussie – it takes him out of a race-winning team and into what is currently a midfield squad which has yet to even visit a podium since Renault took over from Lotus. Will it pay off? Fans seem firmly split.

On the plus side, it takes him away from any potential power struggle with Max Verstappen to be Red Bull’s number one. He’s also aligning himself with a manufacturer team that has shown nothing but improvements in the last couple of years and which does have a history of being able to compete at the front – albeit under vastly different regulations to what we have now.

The downsides? Well, at the moment, it’s a definite step back down the order. It also remains to be seen whether Renault’s power unit can get on terms with Ferrari and Mercedes. Sure, Honda is also some way off, but arguably has a greater potential for improvement. And whilst he may be getting away from a teammate as tough as Verstappen, Nico Hulkenberg isn’t exactly going to be a pushover – after all, it’s not so long ago that he was being touted as a potential Ferrari driver.

Do you think Ricciardo has made the correct decision? Let us know in the comments.

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