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F1’s Las Vegas GP Preparations Have Created Unusual Local Disagreements

The wait is over! The next race on the 2023 F1 calendar is the highly anticipated Las Vegas Grand Prix. For whatever reason, we can guarantee you won’t want to look away from the glitz, glam, weird and wonderful that we are fully expecting next weekend.

But before F1 has even come to Vegas, there have been quite a few hurdles to climb.

During the summer, it was reported that venues along the 3.8-mile circuit were sent a letter from F1 asking to pay $1,500 per head for licensing rights. Basically, they don’t want customers to be able to view the race without paying anything to the sport itself.

Now, some of these restaurants and clubs are huge and hold thousands of people – that would mean paying millions to F1. If they refused, F1 warned that obstructions like barricades, grandstands and even light sources intended to interfere with the venues’ viewing areas could be implemented.

Fast forward to now, TikTok videos from @jacobslifeinvegas showed that privacy films had been applied to the glass of nearby bridges that overlook the circuit so that onlookers were prevented from seeing the track – but it also blocks a lovely view of the new Sphere.

However, this move has frustrated many people in Las Vegas – including tourists who are only there for a few days – and videos show that much of the privacy film has been ripped down by people already.

On top of that, residents have complained about traffic nightmares, ripping up trees on the strip, and grandstands being built in areas that block tourist attractions.

Las Vegas Grand Prix officials were also forced to axe the construction of one of their grandstands, despite the sell-out of the available tickets, due to concerns over inadequate sightlines. However, fans who bought those tickets have been upgraded at no extra cost. Phew.

It’s definitely going to be one of the world’s biggest events… but at what cost? 😳

Are you looking forward to the Las Vegas GP? Let us know in the comments! 

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