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F2 Will Become “Almost Compulsory” With New F1 Superlicense Changes

Formula 2’s technical director Didier Perrin says that changes to the F1 superlicense system will mean the junior category will become “almost compulsory” for aspiring F1 drivers.

The series was rebranded from GP2 to F2 for this season and has moved under the FIA’s regulatory control, helping it to reach the aim of having a route from F4 to F1.

Those who win championships in F2, European Formula 3, Formula E, IndyCar and the LMP1 class of the FIA World Endurance Championship all receive 40 superlicense points.

That’s enough to gain the superlicense necessary to compete in F1, and if they don’t win, they have to accumulate 40 points over a three-year period.

It’s basically a way of preventing drivers who don’t impress in junior categories from progressing up to F1, which does make sense. But the number of points allocated for F2 is going to change.

Perrin didn’t reveal the points tally, but said the system is going to be modified in order to promote F2 and make it a more attractive route to F1, by offering more points.

He told Motorsport.com:

“The superlicence points system is going to be revised. It’s going to become almost compulsory to race in F2 – it won’t be mandatory in theory, but it will be the preferred path to F1.

“It’s very important – we want to give some value back to the driver’s competitiveness rather than their wallet. It will promote F2 a lot, as it will be the category that gives the most points and the best technical preparation to go to F1.

“It will be published soon. I don’t want to speak on behalf of the FIA, since the FIA is going to give it, but everything will be done for F2 to become almost a prerequisite for F1.”

We’ll have to wait for the FIA’s announcement before seeing how it changes the rest of the superlicense structure, but it’s certainly good news for F2 and future grid numbers.

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