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Fernando Alonso Could Return To Renault In 2018

Fernando Alonso’s contract with McLaren-Honda is up at the end of the year and although the team would surely love to keep him on, the Spaniard would probably prefer to drive a car which has a decent amount of power and can actually get to the end of a race.

Enter Renault, who Alonso has already driven for twice in his career. According to German publication Bild the team has “serious interest” in the Spaniard and the first talks took place over the Bahrain Grand Prix weekend.

Renault are still very much a midfield team though, and in the past Alonso has said that he’s only interested in fighting for wins and championships, so whether he’d actually be interested in Renault’s offer is another matter though.

In recent years however Renault has ploughed money and resources into its F1 programme and the team are definitely on an upward trajectory, so he might be tempted.

If this rumour is true it means that the team isn’t looking to retain Jolyon Palmer for another season.

Do you think Alonso would return to Renault again? Let us know in the comments.

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