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Five Crazy Facts About Bahrain


Bahrain is one of the sandiest races on the calendar, but here are five useless but correct stats you won’t ever need to know.

A racing camel can run up to 40mph and maintain 25mph for an hour, with a robot jockey the camel can lap the Bahrain International Circuit in 8:07.080.


The 100kg fuel limit in F1 is enough fuel for my car to do around 356 laps of Bahrain.


Bahrain is in total 765.3 km², making it big enough to fit a total of 88,955,562 McLaren MP4-12C cars in it, though they wouldn’t be able to move an inch.


The first part of Bahrain is baaa, 93,669 sheep should be enough to completely cover the track surface.


The second part is rain, if the track were 5cm deep in water there would be roughly 4,870,800 litres of water on track, enough water to fill two Olympic sized swimming pools.


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