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Five Crazy Facts About Melbourne


The Australian Grand Prix is a race where more shrimp is consumed than any other on the calendar (probably) but here are five stupid stats you probably won’t know.

Daniel Ricciardo’s smile is (roughly) 7.5cm wide and 3cm tall, meaning that you would need 70,000 Ricciardo smiles to lap once around the circuit or 35 million Ricciardo smiles to completely cover the track.


3,479 kangaroos is enough to lap once around the circuit lying head to toe, they would weigh 190,979kg, over the weight of 250 F1 cars.


To cover the track with beer cans you’d need roughly 18 million cans, probably about the same number as is drunk during the race weekend.


If you were to race a Tasmanian devil, a kangaroo and a koala around the track the kangaroo would win with a 10:36.360 lap, the Tasmanian devil shortly behind with a time of 13:15.450 and then the koala would be well behind with 31:49.080.


The amount of fuel needed for all 20 cars per race in 2015 is about the same as 15 bath tubs full of delicious petrol.


For more stats over the weekend visit F1 Stat Blog and follow F1StatMan on Twitter.

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