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Force India Shows Off A New Triple T-Wing In Monaco

Formula 1’s T-wings only appeared this season and are already on the way out for 2018, but that hasn’t stopped teams from developing them even further.

Some teams started running single T-wing aerodynamic devices during pre-season testing and since the opening race, we’ve seen a number of different designs.

Mercedes started with an awkward-looking double-decker T-wing before adding the shark fin, and McLaren soon joined them with one that resembles a coat hanger.

From one wing tier to two, and now it seems one team has added a third for this weekend’s Monaco Grand Prix (as these pictures from Albert Fabrega show).

Chasing some extra downforce for laps around the streets of Monaco, Force India has now showed off a triple T-wing.

That’s quite a stack of wings, isn’t it? The Silverstone-based squad is pushing the rules to the limit and seeing how much performance they can get out of the update.

It debuted in the F1 pitlane on Wednesday, ‘media day’ in Monaco as the track action starts on Thursday, and is the first time we’ve seen a T-wing on the VJM10.

The car’s T-wing has a similar oval shape to the McLaren design, but obviously has a third element in the middle.

Whether it’ll be run all weekend by Force India, we’re not sure, but it certainly looks very interesting…

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