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Force India Has Showed Off Its Revised Driver Names And Numbers

Formula 1’s new driver name and number rules were meant to make them more visible and easier to see for fans both at the track and watching on TV.

But, there’s no point putting them in places – such as the top of the chassis – where fans can only get a glimpse of them at very specific angles.

The point of the rule tweaks was to make sure fans could distinguish the cars much easier, as (for example) Force India’s helmet colours are very similar.

If there was any team who needed to make sure fans could tell the cars apart, it would be Force India. But they got in a spot of trouble in Spain for not quite meeting the regulations.

Force India got a suspended €25,000 fine for failing to make sure the names and numbers were more visible in Spain but now, at a Silverstone filming day, the team has showed off the modifications.

The larger number has now moved from the flat section in front of the driver on the chassis to the nose section, so you can now see it when the car is straight ahead of you.

Force India’s driver name abbreviations (OCO and PER) have now been moved to the top of the shark fin, making them SO much more visible. Hurray!

Team COO Otmar Szafnauer admitted to media in Spain that Force India does well on track but has always struggled financially, so sponsorship space on the car is vital.

This is perhaps why the team got itself in a spot of bother about the driver name and numbers but the revisions look much better.

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