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Gasly Unleashes Huge Rant At FIA After Crane Incident During Japanese GP

We might be leaving Suzuka with the highs of crowning a new World Champion, but there are also some SERIOUS lessons to be learned. After a recovery vehicle made its way onto the wet circuit, whilst cars were still on track, drivers up and down the grid were understandably furious.

None more so than Pierre Gasly.

The image of him passing the vehicle on the track went viral online during the lengthy red-flag period, with fans around the world left gobsmacked as to how this could happen.

Unfortunately, it brought back many uncomfortable and distressing memories of Jules Bianchi, who made contact with a recovery vehicle in similar circumstances here in Suzuka back in 2014 and passed away the following year as a consequence of his accident.

“We lost Jules eight years ago in similar conditions with a crane on track in the gravel,” Pierre told The Race.

“I don’t understand how eight years [later] in similar conditions, we can still see a crane, not even in the gravel but on the racing line.

“Not respectful towards Jules, his family and his loved ones, and all of us.”

During the race, Bianchi’s father even shared a social media post slamming the FIA for their decision, saying there was “no respect for the life of the driver” and “no respect for Jules’ memory”.

“On that day, we learned that we don’t want to see any tractors in these kind of conditions,” Gasly continued.

“If I’d have lost the car in a similar way to Carlos [Sainz] lost it the lap before, I was doing 200kph – but that’s not even the matter, if I was doing 100kph, [and came across a] 12-tonne crane, if I hit it, I would be dead right now.

“And I’m just extremely grateful that I’m still standing and I’m still going to be able to call my family tonight, I’m still going to be able to call my loved ones and nothing happened.

“Really for the sake all of us drivers, I hope this can be the last time we see a crane and we take such unnecessary risk for all of us race drivers.”

After the race, Gasly was also handed a post-race penalty for speeding during the red flag.

We’re in agreement with you, Pierre. 

7 thoughts on “Gasly Unleashes Huge Rant At FIA After Crane Incident During Japanese GP

  • So we just gonna ignore the fact that Gasly flew past an accident under double yellow in like 5th gear? If he was driving like he should have been the crane on track isn’t an issue.

    • Roger The Alien says:

      Was he going to fast? Probably, but there still should not have been a recovery vehicle on the track in these conditions while any cars are still on the track. The conditions or not, anything could’ve happened and resulted in a collision with said recovery vehicle.

      The FIA was trying to save face by penalizing Gasly because they know they’re the ones that screwed up.

    • Aquaplaning doesn’t care if you’re going 200 or 80.

      I’ve seen a lot of these “oh double waved yellows means be prepared to stop” which flies out the window with the prevailing conditions. At the kind of visibility they had, to stop in time when seeing the damn thing, they would’ve been going like 30 kph. Not a thing in an F1 car. Nobody had any warning, the teams didn’t know it was there so couldn’t even warn the drivers.

    • Randal Wingbermuehle says:

      Even if the recovery vehicle wasn’t there, which it should not have been, then Saint’s car could have been. He had no business going that fast. Lots of blame to go around.

    • ฬ๏ยtєг says:

      I think it’s clear neither should happen. The FIA is investigating the incident with the recovery vehicle on track and I’m sure improvements will be made to prevent that happening in the future. I for one hope that Vettel will play a part in that as a future role for next year perhaps.

      At the same time, Drivers and teams have a responsiblity as well. Gasly knew that in that corner there had been an incident as that’s where he picked up the piece of boarding the lap before. He made a pitstop and by that time there was a full Safety car. Any driver should know that that means there may be marshalls on track trying to clear an incident, so they should never be driving in that sector in 5th gear.

      Maybe new systems should be put in place that’ll force drivers to go onto the pit lane limiter through the sectors of an incident. The technique is certainly available to make that an automated system. And yes, recovery vehicles and marshalls should only be allowed on track after that system is activated.

      I don’t think Gasly’s penalty was to hide the FIA’s “mess up”. It is possible for 2 separate things to be in place at the same time. After the red flag was shown, Gasly still accelerated considerably out of Spoon towards 130R, which is equally unnecessary and unacceptable. The penalty he got was therefore justified in my opinion as well as the investigation into the incident before.

  • Yes, Gasly was going too fast.

    And the fact that there was a recovery vehicle on track with f1 cars is an absolute disgrace. vehicle on the track: red flag. Vehicle on the side of the track: safety car, but maybe red flag if in wet conditions. marshals on track, if for less than 45 seconds or a certain percentage of the expected lap time under safety car conditions: safety car, wait for the pack to bunch up. marshals on track for longer: red flag. marshals on side of track for less than 1 minute or some other time: double waved yellows. marshals on side of track for more than one minute: vsc. Automatically bump it up one if it wet conditions. and allow for different decisions to be made if needed, but never a lesser level of safety. I don’t care if we have three vscs and two safety cars a race. The restarts are always interesting and I’d rather have that than something as scary as this.

    Absolutely atrocious. Shame on you, race control.

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