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Grosjean Has Launched His Own Esports Team

We’ve seen plenty of drivers in the motorsport world buying and building sims to compete in various events over the last month or so, but RoGro has gone a step further. Though he’s yet to make his debut in major series (a few weeks ago he said he’d “hide for a while as my level is poor”), it doesn’t seem like we’ll be too far away from seeing him race in something soon. The Virtual GP could do with more F1 drivers…

In the meantime, Grosjean has seen fit to start his own esports team. Called ‘R8G Sim Racing Team’ and launched in partnership with Triple A e-Sports, the outfit seems to be placing a premium on giving its drivers (who have yet to be announced) the chance to develop the skills they’ve learned on the sim in the real world.

The team has partnered with go-kart manufacturer and team Praga Karts, with the apparent aim of getting a sim driver to compete at the Karting World Championship at Le Mans. Grosjean said of his decision to get involved:

“Launching my own sim racing team is a proud moment because I’m passionate about motorsport, innovation and embracing new challenges. I think the team structure we have created is unique and will be instrumental in helping us to achieve the ambitious targets we have set.”

“We’ve all seen the driver talent that is emerging from sim racing and it’s impressive. Our goal is to reward and try to develop those drivers that have the potential to race for real.”

It’s always cool to see a high-profile driver not only enjoy sim racing, but embrace it to the point where they want to invest their time and efforts into the community.

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