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Grosjean Was Told To ‘Shut Up’ By His Own Engineer During The USGP

Romain Grosjean was wearing a brilliant tribute helmet to the late Nicky Hayden during the US Grand Prix but it also had a cheeky message on it in reference to his team radio messages often coming across as moaning during the race.

Rather ironically though it turns out Grosjean’s radio messages got so much for his race engineer that he had to be told to shut up.

Grosjean was unhappy with his tyre life at the end of the US Grand Prix, so much so that he wanted to retire the car even though it was the final lap of the race.

Grosjean: “Mate what was that? Seriously. I don’t know if I… I think we should retire the car. I think we should retire the car, no point in going to the end. I can see the whole [censored] left tyre. What are we doing, guys? Seriously.”
Engineer: “Shut up.”
Grosjean: “You’re not paying your life here. The tyre is completely gone. ”
Engineer: “OK dude so we’ll box to retire the car, retire the car. Box now. It’s the last lap anyway, man, but just bring it in easy.”
Grosjean: “I can go the chequered flag if you want, but…”
Engineer: “Yeah we’ll just take the chequer.”
Grosjean: “OK.”

The conversation is included in F1’s recent team radio round-up here.
Just remember though, he’s not moaning…

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