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Gutierrez Still Sucks At Getting Out Of The Way

Esteban Gutiérrez has come under fire once again for not obeying blue flags when the leaders come up to lap him. During the closing stages of the Singapore Grand Prix he made life difficult for Nico Rosberg, who was trying to hold off the rapidly closing Daniel Ricciardo.

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff criticised the Mexican for his actions, but kept things somewhat light-hearted by saying he “at least makes it the same for everybody”.

“Honestly, we need to say there is a fight for a race win going on between two guys fighting for every tenth, and then you have one guy cruising around and interfering in the race and it happens to always be the same guy,” said Wolff in regards to Gutiérrez’s driving.

“We were shouting to Charlie. Felipe went out of the way and Esteban, who is a lovely boy, continued to cruise out there and was enjoying the gap he had made to Felipe.”


Gutiérrez has already had three penalties this season for impeding other drivers – the only thing he’s more consistent at is finishing 11th. It’s a good thing Ferrari have seldom been at the sharp end this season otherwise Sebastian Vettel would have enough blue flag songs by now to release an album.

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