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Haas Told Mick Schumacher Off For Doing Donuts After Abu Dhabi

Poor Mick Schumacher. He’s been dropped by Haas in favour of Nico Hulkenberg, and in what could be his final ever F1 race, he finished 16th after lazily running into the back of Nicolas Latifi. 

To top that off, Haas wouldn’t even let him do donuts at the end! 

As we’ve already covered, the only drivers who were supposed to do donuts in the first place were the top three and Sebastian Vettel. But it’s not uncommon for drivers to think ‘fuck it, it’s the end of the season, I’m doing donuts anyway’. Given his imminent exit from the sport, it seems that this is exactly what went through Mick Schumacher’s mind.

So, donut he did, but the Haas engineers weren’t exactly thrilled about it, and he got a telling-off over the radio.

“Sorry, Mick, can you stop doing donuts, please? Seriously. I’m sorry, Mick, but we just can’t, sorry.”

Who knows? Maybe Haas needs to hold to their engines and gearboxes for the Abu Dhabi testing that kicks off this week. Either way, it’s sad to hear. Even sadder was Mick’s response back to Trackside Engineering Director Ayao Kamatsu.

“It’s alright, Ayao. Love you too.”

There aren’t enough sad emojis in the world to convey how this made me feel, but some fans are looking on the bright side and reckon this is just Mick escaping from a bad situation.

What do you think Mick Schumacher’s next move will be?

20 thoughts on “Haas Told Mick Schumacher Off For Doing Donuts After Abu Dhabi

  • escaping from a bad situation….in which he had two years to improve and didnt and now has been dropped by ferrari and haas this year but I guess not being part of an academy or a team is a step up lol.

  • Well, if you’d listened to the whole radio exchange, it wouldn’t really be as bad.

    After the race, his engineer came on the radio with the usual post race info, and then also wished him well for the future, including the sentence “we all love you here”. Mick at the same time had slowed down to do his dounuts, and before Mick andwered the radio call, Ayao came online and told him to stop, and said sorry. Then Mick said the above sentence “It’s ok Ayao” to answer his “sorry” and “I love you too” in response to just having been told that “everybody here loves you”. I think that’s pretty straight forward, no need to engineer something out of nothing.

    • Nikolas Manuelides says:

      I listened to everything, they didn’t say a single nice word to him until HE started saying how grateful he was and how he loved to work with them. If it was for Hass it was just “that’s checkered flag” and then radio silence

      • You aren’t going to get far in life if you lie. So work on that, invest in a new set of ears and if you have spare money left over, a set of manners perhaps as well.

        Gannon: Checkered flag, Mick, checkered flag. Mode SLO. Ok Mick, it didn’t look very fun afterall. Tsunoda was P11 and Gasly P14 so they did get the points and Vettel got into P10 when Hamilton went out.

        Schumacher: Oww, that’s it guys. thank you, thank you very much. Ya, hasn’t been the easiest of races today but, you know, but it’s still been enjoyable working with all of you, so thank you for that. I’m sure we will be able to celebrate tonight a bit. Ya, I’ll see you guys around next year for sure.

        Gannon: Ya Mick thanks a lot, thanks for always pushing, we really enjoyed working with you, and we’ll be racing you again somewhere.

        Schumacher: That’s for sure. Just also at this point wanted to say thank you to everyone out there who supported me all these years, so to those that supported me, thank you very much I love all of you. Also at this moment a big hug to mom, Gina, dad and obviously my grandma as well, big kiss to all of you.


        Komatzu: Sorry Mick, can you stop doing donuts please, seriously, I’m sorry Mick, but we just can’t sorry.

        Schumacher: THAT”S ALRIGHT AYAO, LOVE YOU TOO.

  • Well, he did have punting Latifi off track to celebrate! I really can’t understand the love this guy receives, on a level with crashtor Maldonado isn’t he? Only his name that’s “protected” him from derision this season. I’d like to have a private chat with Steiner to get his side of the story – could be interesting…

    • Mick was brought to F1 too early, he is learning stuff that most drivers have covered before being in the spotlight. He is young, polite and unbelievably humble for an F1 driver. Yes, his name adds to the mix, but that is partially because people empathise with how hard it must be with such expectations.
      I think such empathy shows the side of the sport we should be encouraging. You are showing the side of the sport that true F1 fans are ashamed of.

  • Not sure why everyone says only top three plus Vettel were allowed to do Donuts.
    The post race procedure covered it in point 3:
    “Any other drivers wishing to conduct post-championship celebrations must do so in a safe place off-
    track and before the pit entry, and must then return to the pit lane directly.”

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