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Helmut Marko Jokes Tequila Had A Part To Play In Checo’s Slow VSC Restart

Sergio Perez had a bit of a nightmare during the last few laps of the French Grand Prix. Not only did he have George Russell breathing down his neck, desperate for that third-place finish, but a Virtual Safety Car blunder apparently cost him a podium place.

Speaking after the race, Checo was seriously unhappy with how there was something “totally wrong with the system”, especially “because it said the [VSC] was going to end up out of Turn 9, and it only ended out of Turn 13.” 

The problem with the VSC message was down to a “hardware issue”, the FIA confirmed to The Race but clarified that the same information is supplied to all the teams at the same time. 

George Russell timed his restart to perfection, gunning it past Checo, who was slow to react to the green flags and eventually finished in fourth place.

Speaking to sueddeutsche.de, Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko gave his suggestion why Perez lost that podium position to Mercedes. 

“Maybe he drank tequila yesterday, “he joked. 

“It’s very unfortunate that Checo was asleep at the restart. A certain third place was lost there,” he added when speaking to Servus TV.

Not quite the explanation we we expecting, but then this is Helmut Marko we’re talking about 😂

11 thoughts on “Helmut Marko Jokes Tequila Had A Part To Play In Checo’s Slow VSC Restart

  • Sheesh, such out right bigotry. Lump Helmut in with other F1 personalities of yesteryear that we’d be better off not hearing from.

    • ฬ๏ยtєг says:

      How is that bigotry? If it had been the other way around the joke may have been that Marko had drunk too much Schnaps (maybe he had when he said that). It’s a joke! Certainly not worth getting your panties in a bunch over.

      • Using the drunken Mexican stereotype on an employee; abhorrent. Don’t be the person that goes around defending that behavior.

        • ฬ๏ยtєг says:

          I’ll be the person who doesn’t get offended over stereotypical jokes based on nationality. I’m Dutch, but I never get offended over stereotypical jokes that we all walk around on wooden shoes, live in windmills and smoke pod all day. It’s crude humor, but nothing more than that.

          • I get that perspective, but the ‘drunken Mexican’ stereotype leads to a lot more harm and violence, especially in the US, than any Dutch stereotypes. It’s not okay for him to say that.

          • ฬ๏ยtєг says:

            I don’t think it’s so much a ‘drunken Mexican’ stereotype. Not to a European anyway. I mean these national stereotypes are often centered around food, alcoholic drinks and clothes… doesn’t mean anything else.

            Like Austrians drink Schnaps, eat Strüdel and wear lederhosen, French drink wine, eat baguettes and wear a beret, Mexicans drink Tequila, eat Taco’s and wear a sombrero and Americans eat hamburgers, drink soda and wear a layer of fat. 😉

          • I get that. But F1 is a global sport, especially now. We all have to learn that some of those stereotypes have real consequences. The ‘drunken Mexican’ stereotype has real power in the US and is used to justify mistreatment of latinx people. It just doesn’t compare to stereotypes of European countries. I say this as a child of English immigrants living in the US, who’s heard all of the tea and crumpets jokes a billion times. But it’s never risked me getting a job because people think I’m lazy or getting pulled over because the cops think I’m drunk.

            We need more education and to think more globally

          • ฬ๏ยtєг says:

            I understand that as well, but there is no such thing as a global culture (and thank god for that). There’s a million different cultures with different senses of humor. I’m Dutch and like the Austrians, we tend to be blunt and have a crude sense of humor sometimes. That humor can be self decrepitating as well though, so we’re making fun of ourselves as much as we are about others. The British are pretty good at that as well, btw. And we are part of that global world as well, so there should be room for that.

            Nowadays, you can’t seem to joke about anything anymore without someone somewhere being offended. Banning jokes is not going to stop others from being mysoginistic, sexist, homphobic or xenophobic though. All that will achieve is that the world becomes less fun. In fact humor can be a powerful tool to help ridicule the stereotypes and make people who take them serious look like fools.

          • I get that too. but when humor is on an international stage, you have to consider international consequences. It’s punching down rather than punching up or punching sideways.

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