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Here Are All The Bright F1 Helmet Designs Being Used In Brazil

Whether it’s Lewis Hamilton’s last-to-first victory in 2021 or Ayrton Senna’s iconic scream after winning in 1991, every F1 fan will have their own defining memory of the Brazilian Grand Prix. 

In tribute to the amazing action the country has brought us over the years, several drivers debuted special helmets ahead of this season’s race. 

Check out the list below and let us know which is your favourite!


The seven-time champion has chosen to revert to a yellow and green design for this weekend. Get in there Lewis!


Charles’ new helmet has taken inspiration from the Brazilian flag, albeit while keeping a dash of Ferrari’s classic red and white colour scheme 🤤 We may not get to see it again after this weekend, but it’s definitely a classic lid!


Like Charles and Lewis, Albono has sought to celebrate this weekend’s Grand Prix with an unmistakably Brazilian flag-inspired design. Love the green inside to the helmet too, a nice little nod to Senna.


Two weeks after donning a custom helmet for his home race in Mexico City, Checo is back with another fresh design and has incorporated the Black Panther symbol onto the top of his lid. Checo shared his new helmet with the world along with the message ‘hope we can be as fast as Black Panther.’


Schumi Jr’s helmet revamp has seen him go in another direction again, with an all-blue design based on his 2005 karting helmet.

As you’d expect this from young Mick, he’s decided to donate a replica lid to RTL’s annual ‘Spendenmarathon’ telethon as an auction prize. Any money raised is set to go to selected children’s aid projects. Very wholesome stuff. Check out the lid below!

Of course, custom one-off helmets are nothing new in F1, and we’ve seen a spate of recent examples, with Max Verstappen debuting a gold lid to celebrate his second title win. 

Should drivers bring custom helmets every race weekend?

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