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Here Are Ricciardo’s Thoughts About The Upcoming Season

Daniel Ricciardo enters his fifth year with Red Bull Racing with title hopes still at the forefront of his Formula 1 to-do list. The Aussie has given an extensive interview ahead of launch season and pre-season testing, outlining his favourite moments from last year. He also looks ahead to 2018 and amusingly attempts to describe the new RB14 in 14 words.

“It will absolutely not be unlucky for some but it will be the best.” Enlightening insight from the Aussie that just about confirms that the new RB14 will definitely be beating Mercedes and Ferrari this season.

In all seriousness, the performance of the new car will definitely be a factor in determining where he drives next. At 28-years-old, Ricciardo will be demanding a shot at the title sooner rather than later, and the patience of one half of arguably the best driver pairing on the grid could be at stake if the RB14 is short of the mark in 2018.

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