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Here’s What F1 Drivers Have Been Up To On Their Summer Break

Summer break is coming to an end. It’s been a quiet one for us F1 fans, mostly filled with refreshing Twitter (or X, whatever you want to call it) every 10 seconds in the hope that some big news drops or rewatching old races and motorsport films. But the drivers look to have had a whale of a time on their holidays and have taken full advantage of their well-earned time off! 


As expected, we haven’t heard much from the seven-time champion, though he took to Instagram to clarify that he was “out of office” with a photo of him underwater. We also had a random fan interaction evening, where he replied to a few F1 fans on Twitter. The questions were mainly about Roscoe, though.


Probably the complete opposite from Lewis, we expected the whole “I’m on holibobs” treatment from George, and we got it. A total of four Instagram posts so far – he’s spoiling us. Lots of time spent with his friends and family, and he even tried out flyboarding and electric surfboarding. But of course, it wouldn’t be a summer break without F1 drivers spending time with other F1 drivers.


Aside from going straight from the Belgian GP to support Martin Garrix backstage, Lando has been fairly quiet on socials over the summer break. He couldn’t stay away from motorsport for too long, though, as he attended the MotoGP at Silverstone with Max Fewtrell. He also shared a quick video of him jumping into the sea from a boat and spending time with family – sounds good to us!


Again, not much from Oscar either! He also attended the MotoGP on the opposite day to his teammate and has shared his new summer break collection of OP81 clothing. Though his mum wasn’t impressed with his optimism for two-wheel racing.


On a boat. In the sunshine. Wearing his chilli bucket hat. Perfection.


Charles provided us with the ultimate throwback to our childhood. If you didn’t have a photo of you and your friends when you were younger in this circle pose, you’re missing out! Aside from spending time “with the boys”, Charles released a new song. This one is called, yes, you guessed it – MON23 (1:3). He has some serious catching up to do if he’s going to release one for every race!


Fernando relaxes from motorsport by doing… more motorsport. He shared photos (and videos!) doing donuts and karting at his circuit in Spain.


Lance knows the kind of content we want to see. A summer Instagram dump filled with photos of him surfing, out for dinner with friends, eating ice cream, going to music events and enjoying some sun.


Our current championship leader has been fairly quiet over summer break, besides posting a photo from the same Martin Garrix gig with Lando. But, in times like this, we know we can count on his girlfriend, Kelly Piquet, to keep us informed, and it seems they have been enjoying some well-earned family time. On a boat, of course!


A completely off-the-grid F1 driver, apart from the odd #AD post 🤭


Estie provided us with the most out-of-context content we’ve probably ever received, but still, we’re not complaining. Summer instagram post hanging out with friends, including Mick Schumacher. Playing some games, riding a Jet Ski and getting strangled by Mick. Nice.


Pierre has been spending some time in Portugal with his friends and family, playing some golf, eating ice cream and watching the sunset.


Despite Daniel saying he would definitely be working more than others over the summer break, he’s still had time to relax and get geared up for the second half of the season. Aside from working out, he’s been spending time with friends looking out at beautiful blue seas and rocking his Enchante merch.


Apart from announcing his Yuki Tsunoda merch at the beginning of August, Yuki has been very quiet on socials since the summer break – whatever he’s been up to, we hope he’s enjoyed it!


Oh, Valtteri. Don’t you just feel like you’re watching one of your best friend’s private stories when looking at his content? He’s spent time watching out for bears in Colorado, cycling and exploring around, taking in the breathtaking views. He also bought a new hat and wanted to share it with us all.


Zhou spent his summer break back home in Shanghai but still found time to make some appearances and see his incredible fans. He played some basketball, posed with his DIOR suitcase and spent time at the gym. We love to see it.


We imagine Nico has been spending most of his time with his family, but he shared some photos of him returning to his roots, karting with one of his first-ever mentors.


When it comes to summer or winter break, you rarely hear from K-Mag. Again, we imagine he’s been spending time with his family, but apart from some ADs, we have yet to hear from the Haas driver. We hope he’s listening to his own advice: recharging his batteries!


Alex shared probably the best photos we’ve ever seen of someone jumping from a boat into the sea and recently shared a photo dump of some holiday time in Mallorca with his girlfriend, Lily. Oh, and he visited some donkeys. Is a new Albon pet on the horizon?


Logan has shared some snaps of himself and his friends enjoying some “downtime” – apparently, that includes lots of photos in black and white. Edgy.

Are you looking forward to the second half of the season? Let us know in the comments! 

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