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Imola Could Return To The F1 Calendar To Replace Hockenheim

Good news everyone! Although the German Grand Prix has dropped off of next year’s calendar it’s already been rumoured that another classic European circuit may step in to replace it… Imola!

F1 last raced at Imola in 2006 under the name of the San Marino Grand Prix, a title it would probably use again should it rejoin the calendar. In 2007 a number of upgrades and changes were made to the track, notably to the pit straight which is now much longer thanks to the removal of the final chicane.

A return to Imola isn’t just wishful thinking from nostalgic fans either – the track was ready to step in and host the Italian Grand Prix from next year before Monza renewed it’s contract, so the circuit owners are definitely keen to get the track back on the F1 calendar.

1995 San Marino Grand Prix

This would mean the 2017 calendar swells back up to 21 races, but the Brazilian Grand Prix is still unknown and a race at Imola is still very much just a rumour, so we could be looking at ‘only’ 19 races. Or 20. Or 21.

Don’t you just love the uncertainty of motorsport?

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