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At Least IndyCar Are Doing McLaren Liveries Right

As McLaren began a new chapter in its story by unveiling the same livery they’d been using for a decade anyway, fans looked at any number of awesome concept liveries that had been dreamt up, and wondered why on earth McLaren hadn’t chosen one of them. It seemed everyone wanted a McLaren throwback livery apart from McLaren themselves.

It wasn’t just the fans either. IndyCar legend and team owner Bobby Rahal turned up to pre-season testing at Sebring with his son Graham’s car draped in a familiar colour scheme:


That’s right, it’s an orange car. Rahal remembered Bruce McLaren’s Can-Am livery and wanted to pay tribute to it, right down to the blue accents.


Here’s hoping that the livery remains and adds even more colour to the rainbow that is the contemporary IndyCar grid.



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