Jenson Button Has Set A New Grid Penalty Record – WTF1

Jenson Button Has Set A New Grid Penalty Record

In 1988, McLaren Honda broke Formula One records galore thanks to their dominant MP4/4. Now in 2015, McLaren Honda are still breaking Formula One records… for grid penalties.

Yes, it’s that usual feature of ‘how many grid penalties does McLaren Honda have this race?’ Well Jenson Button has only gone and broken the record with a ridiculous 70, yes 70-place grid drop for the Mexican Grand Prix!

Button had already been hit with a 25-place penalty for changing his engine, turbocharger, MGU-H and MGU-K, those were all then changed again for Free Practice 2 making it 50 places.

Add to that yet another turbocharger change after his qualifying problems, a new control electronics and a MGU-H change… and you’ve just set a new Formula One record.

I’d do the ‘Jenson Button is to start the race in Guadalajara’ joke but I don’t think his start position even qualifies as being in Mexico anymore.

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