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Ferrari’s Lego Man Now Looks More Like Alonso

There’s not just Formula One to look forward to in March, it’s also the month Lego release their new motorsport themed series ‘Lego Speed Champions.’ Kits come from the likes of Porsche, McLaren and Ferrari.

Ferrari’s set is pretty damn sweet, as it includes not just last year’s Ferrari F14-T but also a team truck and mechanics. One thing I did notice however was the driver needed some facial hair to make him look more Fernando Alonso like.

ferrari lego

That was a month ago though and after revisiting the Lego website, it appears they’ve switched the driver to make him look more ‘Nando like. As you can see, the Lego driver now has a beard and is also sporting an Asturias blue helmet. What a shame Fernando’s left the team.

LSC_Homepage_75913_WithLogo (1)

Maybe they’ll do a Sebastian Vettel version where you get 15 different helmet designs and can keep swapping them when you get bored.

lego champs

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