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Lewis Hamilton Is The Most Charitable Athlete In The World On Sunday Times’ Giving List

Other than collecting F1 World Championships, Lewis Hamilton has proven to be extremely generous off the track, and is officially now the most giving athlete in the world! 

Hamilton sits fifth on the list, and out of his estimated £300 million wealth, the Mercedes driver has donated over 7% of his earnings to charitable causes!

In the last few months alone, Hamilton has donated an astonishing £20 million throughout 2022, supporting youth, education, and employment.

In 2021, Hamilton launched the Mission 44 foundation, a programme designed to bring more people from ethically diverse backgrounds into motorsport – and also donated £20 million to help under-represented youngsters in Britain.

Hamilton is also joined on the list by Liverpool’s footballer Mo Salah, who has donated £2.5 million to health organisations around the world.

Awesome stuff, guys! 👏🏻

16 thoughts on “Lewis Hamilton Is The Most Charitable Athlete In The World On Sunday Times’ Giving List

    • If not in the world but in UK, then you back it up with facts for everyone to see for themselves. You just don’t pass gas and that’s it, NO!!!

      • I shouldn’t be required to do a 10 second google search on your behalf, but he found himself in 5th place on the 2022 Times Giving List, which lists most charitable people *in the UK*. Any other number of sources found in a quick search don’t even list him in the top 10 of all athletes worldwide. He is a great man doing great things and I am very thankful for his kind generosity, but this article is simply not correct when it states that he is the most charitable athlete “in the world”

    • Masonwealth says:

      Are there not enough rich white people in the UK to give to white people?
      Racist hatred is a very bad and ugly thing. I pray you find God and love for your fellow man.

    • Mark Champion says:

      You’ve posted a common misconception. He actually does pay tax on his wages from Mercedes as ‘Mercedes F1’ are based in the UK. What he doesn’t pay tax in the UK on are his image/merchandise rights and endorsements.

    • norman connor says:

      Why would he have to pay tax in the UK if he lives in Monte Carlo. We all know it’s for tax reasons. And if I or you were rich enough we would avoid it as well. And he is giving it to charity. Imagine if all F1 drivers donated 7%.

  • norman connor says:

    Seems no matter how generous he is. Some will complain about taxes etc. Seems hate and jealousy raises its ugly head when people some don’t like whether it’s nationality, race or religion do something nice. Sad world. And yes we would all avoid taxes if we could. What we earn is not really worth avoiding.

  • All this blah blah blah abwwout Lewis not topaying taxes in the UK.

    But consider Lewis’ promotion of UK Plc whenever he wins and on the rostrum, when the UK national anthem is played and flag displayed.

    Businesses and countries pay $millions for that amount of advert on prime global airtime.

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