Max Verstappen Was Reunited With An Old Friend During FP1 In Singapore – WTF1

Max Verstappen Was Reunited With An Old Friend During FP1 In Singapore

Oh, the nostalgia is real with this one! Let’s throwback to 2016, when a huge lizard made its F1 debut by running across the track during FP3 for the Singapore GP. Fast forward to 2023, and the lizard is back.Β 

Drivers are pretty used to avoiding things like debris or even each other during practice sessions, especially on tight street circuits, but one thing they aren’t quite used to… is lizards.

Max Verstappen couldn’t believe his eyes when a huge Monitor Lizard scuttled out in front of him on track in 2016, and he was heard telling his team: “There’s a giant lizard on the track!”

As Max drove reluctantly around the reptile, his Red Bull engineer said he had come face-to-face with Godzilla.

But during the Fp1 session at this year’s Singapore GP, Verstappen was reunited with his old friend as he came out of Turn 8 and spotted the Monitor Lizard. He told his enginer, Gianpiero Lambiase: “Ah! There’s a lizard again on the track! A smaller one this time.”

To which GP replied: “Okay, understood. Maybe Godzilla had a kid.”

Meanwhile, Lando Norris seemed to get a little confused as he spotted the reptile and reported over the radio: “Dragon on track. Turn 8.” Um, not quite, Lando πŸ˜…

There were, in total, three yellow flags due to a lizard on the track, but it is unknown whether it was the same one. Though despite driving an F1 car at great speed, George Russell seems to think it was a “different one this time”.

However, towards the end of the session, according to reports on social media, one of the lizards was unfortunately struck by an F1 car. RIP Lizard.

We hope they stay safe and out of the way for the rest of the weekend!

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