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Maybe One Day: Fictional F1 Manufacturer Liveries

Volkswagen have announced they are considering an entry to F1 in 2018. Could this pave the way for more manufacturers to enter the sport? Who knows but this doesn’t stop fans often sketching up fantasy liveries for them.

Can you imagine what an Aston Martin team would look like? How about Lamborghini? Well imagine no more…

Alfa Romeo 

Alfa Romeo last raced back in 1985. This green and red livery looks similar to the Benetton sponsored car they ran that year.

Aston Martin

This Aston Martin is sporting the classic Gulf livery they use at Le Mans. If Prodrive didn’t have their entry rejected by the FIA, we could have seen an Aston Martin team in F1. It now looks unlikely it’ll ever happen. Shame.


Apparently Audi were set to enter F1 in 2013 but pulled out at the last minute. Would we have seen them race in a classic Audi livery like this one? Now we’ll never know.


This fantasy Ford F1 livery is based on their WRC car. Ford last raced in F1 in 2004 when they supplied engines to the Jordan team.


Lamborghini raced in F1 as the Modena racing team back in 1991. This fantasy livery features Italian sponsors and sports a traditional blue livery.


Prodrive have tried to enter F1 on a number of occasions but each time has failed. Is this black and light blue livery one we could be missing out on?




Which manufacturer would you like to see racing in F1 and which livery is your favourite? Why not leave a comment below.


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