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Mercedes Made An Incredible To Gesture To A Young Terminally Ill Hamilton Fan

Harry’s message inspired Hamilton and after the race he dedicated his victory to him, saying:

“I had a really nice message from a young kid who is suffering with an illness. We had sent him a card and a cap and I saw that today before going into the race. I was chilled but I was looking for something for inspiration, something to grab on to, so I dedicated today’s race to him. You try to go out there and do something for someone and it doesn’t always turn out as well as it has, but nonetheless it has, so I hope he’s watching.”

It’s incredibly hard not to be moved by that but the team wasn’t going to stop there.

On the way back from Barcelona, Mercedes stopped off at Harry’s home with the race-winning trophy, a pair of Hamilton’s gloves, and Hamilton’s race-winning car, parking it on the driveway for Harry and his family to enjoy.

According to ITV, Harry left the house for the first time in three weeks to be shown around the car. Harry’s father James said:

“I cannot describe how much it means to us all that Lewis won the race for Harry, and then dedicated it to Harry, too. At a tremendously difficult time in our lives, this has provided us with a big boost, and a big smile.

“Harry couldn’t believe that Lewis Hamilton was talking about him, and had dedicated the race to him. He now thinks that Lewis is his absolute best friend, which, for a five-year-old boy, is amazing. Harry loves cars, and although he is frail, he was asking about the exhaust pipe. He is very inquisitive, so that is typical of Harry, asking questions and getting involved. Mercedes have taken us to a much-better place in a dark time.”

Full marks to Mercedes and Hamilton for their incredible gesture and giving Harry an amazing experience. To find out more about what Harry is going through, you can read about his story on his JustGiving page here.

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