Merry Christmas From WTF1 – WTF1

Merry Christmas From WTF1

wtf1 christmas

It’s been a great year for WTF1, so now it’s time to say a big thank you to you guys!

Below is a quick message before signing off for Christmas.

Hi all,

When I started the Blog in 2010, I could never have expected that three years later it’d still be online and being read by so many people. 2013 may not have been the most exciting of Formula One seasons but hopefully WTF1 has provided you all with plenty of off-track laughs and entertainment!

This year WTF1 reached 4,000,000 blog views, over 10,000 Twitter followers, over 14,000 Facebook likes and even got the logo on the side of a racing car… which was pretty saweeeeet!

I hope this is just the start and you’ll all keep enjoying WTF1 for many years to come. To everyone who sends me messages, shares content, likes the pages and of course visits the blog, I can’t thank you enough.

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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