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Mick Schumacher Is Not Keen On Opportunities Outside The F1 Paddock

Losing Mick Schumacher from the F1 circus isn’t something anyone’s looking forward to, as he comes across as such a nice guy. Simple as that. Since he relaeased his statement, in light of the news that he would be making way for Nico Hulkenberg, we haven’t heard much about his future plans. 

Asked about whether he would consider a totally different series in the form of the German national championship DTM, he was, ahem, straightforward in his response: “No.”

Ok, well, that settles that, then. When asked why, he made it clear that he sees F1 as the out-and-out place to be right now.

“I don’t want to right now. I want to stay in this paddock. And whatever comes around, I’ll obviously have a look at it, but right now, DTM especially, it’s not the same as it was in the past anymore. So right now, it’s not an option.”

Silly season for this year is effectively done. With Logan Sargeant now getting enough superlicence points, no more F1 seats are available and nowhere for Schumacher to go if he wants a race drive.

As other, more experienced drivers have done, he’s now searching for a reserve seat but has kept tight-lipped whilst addressing the rumours he might be going to Mercedes for that reserve role.

“There’ve been talks with different teams. Just now elaborating on what options I have to then pick the right one for me.”

What’s the best move Schumacher could make, in your opinion?


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One thought on “Mick Schumacher Is Not Keen On Opportunities Outside The F1 Paddock

  • Dr Prometheus says:

    I think we can still see him back, he has potential we have seen him grow, and i guess that if the car is not good/competitive every rookie is going to look bad.

    I do not think Haas is a good team for new drivers; they make some strange decisions once in a while. (Mazepin, Rich Energy e.t.c.)

    A good move for him, but maybe not the best: Reserve driver; as i understand Mercedes needs one. And a German in a “German” team. (As the F1 team is not exactly German. :P) Could be a good way to get F1 intresting again in Germany.

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