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6 Of The Funniest Juan Pablo Montoya Moments

It’s hard to believe that Juan Pablo Montoya is now 42 years old – it seems like only yesterday that he was going wheel to wheel with Michael Schumacher and setting record-breaking laps of Monza.

But whilst his on-track aggression is fondly remembered for brightening up an often dreary era of Formula One, it was his unfiltered team radio chatter and tendency to get involved in bizarre off-track incidents that really added to his character and earned him legions of fans. Here are some of his more amusing incidents from his time in F1.

Formula Juan

This Juan is an absolute classic. At a press event in Australia two comedians riled him up with puns and interruptions to the point where he simply walked out.

Oh Deer!

That’s not to say Montoya doesn’t appreciate a good pun though, as he showed during this legendary interaction with his Williams team in Austria.

I didn’t understand what you meant there Juan Pablo…

Of course, with someone as fiery as Montoya, there were always going to be some ‘colourful’ team radio messages. Needless to say it’s moments like this that mean team radio broadcasts are now slightly delayed these days.

You broke my fucking head!

Montoya’s short fuse wasn’t just confined to the track either. I’m not exactly sure how you can ‘break your head’, but if social media had been a thing when this happened you can only imagine how it might have blown up.

It even inspired this gem from David Coulthard in a similar situation years later.

It’s very disappointing to see racing like that…

Modern F1 drivers rarely say what they actually think, but Montoya was never one for mincing his words. After an explosive first lap during the 2004 San Marino Grand Prix, Juan Pablo made his feelings on Schumacher’s driving tactics abundantly clear. Maybe Michael was driving unfairly, maybe he just wanted to get rid of that hideous walrus-nosed Williams. Who knows.

When the baby is there…

Hans-Joachim Stuck is not only one of Germany’s most decorated and successful racing drivers, but also one of motor racing most notorious pranksters. When he chimes in with a witty remark at the end of this interview he manages to make Montoya let out one of the most bizarre and awkward laughs you’re ever likely to hear.


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