Monza Could Be Getting A Stupid New Chicane – WTF1

Monza Could Be Getting A Stupid New Chicane

They call Monza the theatre of speed and for good reason. It’s one of the only old school circuits left on the calendar and, minus a few chicanes, it hasn’t changed all that much since the Formula One World Championship first raced there in 1950.

If recent reports in La Gazzetta dello Sport are to believed though, a new section of track could bypass the awesome Curva Grande and add another slow chicane to the historic circuit.

The changes, which could cost the Italian circuit a ridiculous €4 million, are being considered in the hope the World Superbikes championship returns to Monza.

Hopefully Formula One races would still use Curva Grande, as they’ve already butchered Monza quite enough with the slow first turn and more recently the run-off area added to the Parabolica.

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