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Netflix Are Producing A Film Where An F1 Driver Is Forced To Become A Getaway Driver

The love affair between Netflix and F1 continues, as it has been revealed that the online streaming service is to produce an original film starring John Boyega and Robert De Niro. Yep, seriously. Although the casting is already a little strange, the plot takes things to another level when an F1 driver is forced to become a getaway driver. Netflix, you have our attention. 

The production details are still relatively unknown, but looks set to follow an ‘F1 racing prodigy who is forced to become a getaway driver to save the only family he has left’. It has the working title ‘The Formula’ and doesn’t yet have a launch date.

We’re not sure why Netflix couldn’t just create a movie about F1 but hope that this exciting instalment is loved by fans worldwide. 

The film has the working title ‘The Formula’. © XPB Images

Set to be directed by Gerard McMurray, the all-star cast currently consists of Star Wars’ John Boyega and acting royalty Robert De Niro according to Deadline who first reported the news. 

This is not the first time motorsport has met Hollywood, but it does leave us wondering if this newest addition will have the success of films like Grand Prix, or be more of a flop like Talladega Nights. God bless you, Ricky Bobby; shake and bake.

It does leave us wondering if you had to select a current F1 driver as your getaway driver, who are you choosing? Let us know in the comments below.

16 thoughts on “Netflix Are Producing A Film Where An F1 Driver Is Forced To Become A Getaway Driver

  • Alonso hands down. And once the getaway complete, I see him lounging in a lawn chair on a hillside overlooking the ocean at sunset.

  • Telekom Support DE says:

    it’s probably going to be mega unrealistic and have nothing about real F1. I’m gonna watch it either way tho, if it’s good I can enjoy it and if it’s bad I’ve got something to laugh about

  • we all just want a film to show the tension of an f1 race (USA 2018, monza 2019, valencia 2012, nurburgring 2020, baku 2018, etc…), just like the le mans movie (mcqueen’s)

  • Lazaros Christodoulopoulos says:

    its gunna be kimi, the feds will be after him bcuz he illegally snuk smirnoff ice into his drink

  • You do realise Danny Ric is gonna backhand your balls for that Talladega Nights comment. Just lettin ya know…

  • balconycaffeine says:

    its just a matter of thime until netflix makes a movie called “the one formula” where kernel sanders drives f1 cars in the 60′ and elaborates a spice and herb mix on the sideline, and his success in f1 and in the fried chicken industry are paralell.

  • siemen van osch says:

    The movie is probably aimed at everyone interested in action or cars, not just formula 1 fans. Real f1 fans will probably be disappointed, but let’s hope netflix makes a banger out of this one.

  • Thanks, I hate it
    JFC, they could’ve just stopped at DTS (Which is awesome) but instead they decided to make a low budget Baby Driver knockoff

  • Kennedy Simbayi says:

    sounds like a lame death race / transporter combined

    subtle move

  • Franz von Maybach says:

    Only if the driver is also a rally driver could an F1 getaway drive successfully. Baby Driver fir example. The typical F1 driver doesn’t have those getaway skills. If Hamilton was in a situation such as that he would struggle because he doesn’t have the skillset. Bottas and Räikkönen for that matter do have those skills in a real world getaway driver situation. So the film would probably make that mistake and make the driver an F1 only driver

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