New F1 Rules Should Allow Drivers To Push Harder In 2019 – WTF1

New F1 Rules Should Allow Drivers To Push Harder In 2019

This year drivers are having to go a bit easier on the cars because of the need for power unit components to last for seven races. Showing fantastic understanding of why some teams are reluctant to push their cars to max all the time, the FIA has therefore adjusted the rules so that for next year, each car will be allowed to carry 110kg of fuel instead of the maximum of 105kg currently in effect.

Sure, no-one likes to see fuel saving tactics in F1. However, many teams already deliberately run their cars with less fuel than they’re allowed because it’s faster (and easier on the engine) for a driver to lift and coast with less fuel than it is to push flat out with a full tank of fuel. You have to wonder if it’s really going to make much of a difference…

Discussions are still ongoing about potentially changing the aerodynamics to help improve overtaking next year. However, with both Bahrain and China showing that it is still possible for drivers to race each other, the teams are apparently not too keen to spend a load of money of changing the regulations to fix a problem that they’re not sure exists.

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