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Next Year’s McLaren Livery Could Use The Classic Shade Of Papaya Orange

For years F1 fans have been crying out for McLaren to go back to an orange livery, but Ron Dennis’ obsession with being straight-laced and corporate meant that for year after year we got variations of silver and grey.

With Ron out of the picture for 2017 we finally got an orange colour scheme, but it was…well, kind of a disappointment, mainly because it was the wrong shade of orange.

To make matters worse, McLaren’s livery for the Indy 500 turned out to be absolutely awesome, with many wishing that the team had gone with that design for its F1 car.

Now it looks like that could actually happen, as Zak Brown has said that using the proper, historic shade of Papaya Orange which was used on the teams earliest cars is a definite possibility for 2018.

“We are starting to look at car designs now I think the fans want us to go to Papaya Orange for sure. When we did the IndyCar we had an overwhelming amount of ‘Please make your F1 car like that’. We are waiting on a few sponsor decisions which also can dictate what a car looks like. I wouldn’t rule it out.”

The chances of it being all one colour like the IndyCar seem somewhat slimmer though, as annoyingly sponsors will probably have a say in how the car looks.

“We have all sorts of designs going on, but we need to see where we land on some of the sponsor activity and that will dictate a bit of that. We would like to keep some orange. We think it is part of our identity, especially moving forward. But we are a commercial entity. Pink might be a bit extreme though.”

So what he’s saying is that if the papaya industry becomes a title sponsor, then the whole car can be papaya orange, like the IndyCar? Well then, let’s get petitioning!

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