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Norris Thinks He Could Have Passed Ricciardo If He Was ‘More Of A Rebel’

Lando Norris accepted the team orders put in place by McLaren but said that he would have easily passed his teammate Daniel Ricciardo if he had a rebellious phase and ignored the team orders at the end of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. 

The McLaren pair were featured heavily in the Grand Prix broadcast coverage as radio messages between Norris and Ricciardo and their race engineers trying to avoid their drivers coming together were aired.

“Daniel did help me out in the middle [of the race,] there was one lap where Daniel wasn’t allowed to overtake me on and if the return favour is to not overtake him at all in the last three laps then I guess I have to accept it”, Lando explained to F1TV.

Ricciardo had strong pace behind Norris in the opening stages of the race, with Ricciardo on the longer-lasting hard tyre. However, it wasn’t until the end of the race when, Ricciardo was ahead, that Norris thought he could have secured eighth if it wasn’t for team orders.

“I could have finished eighth if I was a bit more of a rebel,” Norris said.

Similarly, Ricciardo thought he had the pace to get ahead of Norris in the opening stages of the race but that the result was good for the team.

He told Sky Sports, “At the beginning, I was feeling like I could attack and I wanted to [overtake Lando] but obviously had to obey and control myself….let’s say the favour got returned.”

Do you think team orders benefitted McLaren in Baku or should they have been able to race each other?

3 thoughts on “Norris Thinks He Could Have Passed Ricciardo If He Was ‘More Of A Rebel’

  • best part was you could tell the race engineer wanted to tell him that danny ric needed that finish bad and being passed on the last lap by lando would’ve destroyed him.

    • Remember the opening stint where Dan was asked to stay behind Lando why he “managed his tyres”?
      He sacrificed all of the pace he had in those tyres to act as a tail gunner for the slower driver (Lando, on Mediums) in front and lost his position to Gasly as a result. At the end of that when he pitted, he couldn’t even get the overlap done on Alonso, so it was all for nothing and Dan lost all the gains to be had on his hard tyres, had McLaren let him pass Lando in the early phase.

      But no- let just focus all the benefits Lando had on the hard tyre at the end and that he could “destroy” him.

      The team management was fair. Dan fended for Lando, Lando’s team returned the favour and Lando was never going to catch Alonso- even on the second attempt.

      Dan has not once complained about team orders – he was told to stay behind Lando in Melbourne, told to play the team game here- and he just gets on with it.

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