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Ocon Names His Choice For The Alpine Seat Amid Gasly Rumours

Pierre Gasly’s name was thrown into the rumour mill this weekend in relation to the 2023 Alpine seat, but Ocon has already told the team who he would prefer racing alongside him next season πŸ‘€

As we all know, Alpine have already publicly announced Oscar Piastri to drive alongside Ocon in 2023. However, despite this, Piastri himself shared a very public rejection on social media.

Alpine have been looking for a possible replacement, and a few names have been thrown into the mix, including, more recently, Frenchman Pierre Gasly.

However, Ocon said on Saturday that he had asked the team for Mick Schumacher – a driver also exploring his options for 2023 – to race alongside him next year at Alpine.

“I said to the bosses that my preference would be Mick Schumacher. Because if he doesn’t find a solution, I’m very happy to team up with him. He’s a good friend of mine.

“But again, I have no words in what the decision will be; this is only my opinion. So I thought it was quite nice just to tell what I would like, but that’s not going to be a factor.”

“I have no idea about the situation,” Ocon added, “but since there is no contract being signed anywhere, I would say if we try and get Mick, that would be nice.”

Who do you think would fit in well at Alpine in 2023?Β 

10 thoughts on “Ocon Names His Choice For The Alpine Seat Amid Gasly Rumours

  • Speciouspunter says:

    Having a “Harry Potter” Moment here. “Not Slytherin,please not Slytherin” But with a different result guess what its Gasly!

  • disqus_mownfi1HxQ says:

    Mick at Alpine would be a great move for the youngster, and I believe he will be a great asset for the French team too! Mick is a much better driver than he’s been able to show so far in Haas, in all honesty, and at Alpine, he’ll be able to better showcase said abilities and talent.
    I do feel that Daniel Riccardo might be more likely to get the seat, but as much as I love seeing Riccardo on the grid, I feel Schumacher will be a little more of an asset at this point.

  • Having mick will mean 2 slow drivers for Alpine next year, ocon is only there because of his nationality

  • Here’s how I view it:
    – Ricciardo: Proven that he can win in the right car, but struggles to adapt to cars that don’t suit him. He also knows the team well, and wouldn’t have issues getting along with Ocon
    – Gasly: Definitely consistent, but has also shown glimpses of rough driving this year. It could mean good results for the team, but him and Ocon obviously wouldn’t work well together.
    – Mick: He needs at least one more year before moving up anywhere. If you’re able to be splitting cars up in two multiple times and still move up the grid, Yuki would be at RB. Having said that, Mick does improve later in the season so we’ll just have to see how the rest of 2022 goes for him.

  • I’d say Guanyu Zhou. He was an Alpine junior until last year, got race experience now. If he’s ever supposed to return, then now is the chance.

  • Ofcourse Ocon would like Schumacher as a teammate… he poses no threat and only makes his garbage look better.
    Ricciardo all day!

  • if danny ric goes back to alpine I think he will be able to score good points as well as maybe he would one or 2 mo more races or.. atleast he can be on the podium multiple times
    P.S alpine might be able to make a car which has less issues so he ca adapt it more than THE MCL35

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