Oops! Lando Norris Smashed Max Verstappen’s Winning Hungarian GP Trophy – WTF1

Oops! Lando Norris Smashed Max Verstappen’s Winning Hungarian GP Trophy

Imagine racing off into the distance, dominating the Hungarian GP to earn yet another victory. You celebrate on the podium, champagne spraying everywhere. You turn around, and your winning trophy has split into two. Oh. 

Max Verstappen didn’t have to imagine this scenario because it actually happened.

He drove a great race after overtaking Lewis Hamilton into Turn 1, leading the team to their record-breaking 12th consecutive victory. Incredible. But we can’t help but feel those celebrations have been slightly tainted by good friend Lando Norris smashing Max’s trophy to pieces.

No, of course, it wasn’t intentional! Lando was celebrating a back-to-back podium after finishing the race in P2. His iconic celebratory champagne spray makes fans smile every time. But this week, Verstappen’s trophy paid the price.

As he jumped up to bash the bottom of his champagne bottle on the edge of the podium step, the force sent Max’s trophy wobbling over and falling onto the ground.

Lando stepped over the trophy and sprayed his champagne – probably not realising the trophy had broken – but it had, oops! 💀

F1 shared photos of Verstappen’s broken trophy, with Verstappen and Norris laughing about the situation as the former held it. In the post-race press conference, Lando joked sheepishly: “Max just placed it too close to the edge. I don’t know, it just fell over, I guess… Not my problem!”


The trophies at the Hungarian GP are always very beautiful, and this one in particular, according to reports, is from the Herend Porcelain Manufactory. The style is very traditional and it was completely hand-made, taking six months to make and costing around £40,000.

Safe to say, Lando probably owes Max a drink after that! 

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